Calculator of minimum insured value of home contents

The calculator is intended to determine the minimum insured value for household and personal effects at a new price. The new price is the price required to purchase household equipment and personal items of the same or a comparable type and quality. The sum insured (maximum amount of the insurance claim) set in the insurance contract should at least correspond to the calculated insured value. If the sum insured is lower than the insured value of property, the insured property is most likely underinsured. In case of an insured event the payment of claim would not fully cover the incurred damage. Only a sum insured that has been set properly can guarantee sufficient insurance protection.  

To alter your insurance contract please contact your insurance company sales representative.

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Note: The calculation is carried out in a simplified form and does not include the cost of land. The calculation may differ from the exact calculation of real property value provided by a forensic expert and from calculations performed by insurance companies. The calculator computes minimum insured value of conventional real property. Any nonstandard building component increases the value. The insured value of premium and luxury property may be several times higher.